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Human factors affecting safety in the mining sector

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human factorsMining remains one of Australia’s most dangerous occupations, although deaths and serious injuries have shown a steady decline over the years.

However, according to Safe Work Australia, the number of fatalities in mining has nearly doubled from five in 2012 to nine in the year to date at time of writing.

While this is still significantly lower than the country’s top two most dangerous industries – transport, postal and warehousing (49) and agriculture, forestry and fishing (48) – it remains a concern.

This is particularly true as mining was one of the few sectors where deaths rose in 2013 compared with last year’s figures.

So what part do human factors play in mining engineering safety in Australia? And what can be done to overcome these issues?

Human factors

Human failures occur in all businesses, but the consequences of these mistakes are far more serious in industries where people’s lives are…

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